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As a loyal Can Crushers fan, have you ever wanted to be on the show? Well, it is now your time! Call into the show and leave us a story of when you met your favorite wrestler or how you ran into someone at a bar or in the bathroom. We also like when you drop your hot takes and Mark can respond. Whatever you want, as long as it is wrestling related!
Call 814-299-6687

Call 814-299-6687

Can Crushers Featured on Listen Notes

This time Mark is on the other side of the stick, so to speak, as Listen Notes reaches out to our fearless Can Crushers host for an interview! If you’re just discovering the Can Crushers podcast, this is the perfect opportunity to learn all about us! If you’ve been a loyal listener for the last year and a half, take a look back at where we’ve been and see where we’re headed!

The Comic Book Encyclopedia of Pro Wrestling!!

You have new favorite comic book characters! You just don't know it yet! Mark "The Mark" and John "The English Professor" appear in The comic Book Encyclopedia of Pro Wrestling Vol. 1. Does Mark have super powers? Does John have a secret identity? What exactly is their role in this issue? Click the link to order your very own copy of The Comic Book Encyclopedia of Pro Wrestling!


Ohio Valley Wrestling

The Can Crushers know great wrestling talent when we see it, which is why we feature wrestlers from OVW in many of our weekly Spotlight interviews. Each week you'll get the goods from OVW's latest acquisitions and newest performers to their most seasoned veterans. Mark covers past, present, and future as his guests spill about their introductions to pro wrestling, current feuds, and lofty goals. The Can Crushers are very proud to be partnered with OVW!

Cauliflower Alley Club

The Can Crushers Wrestling Podcast supports the Cauliflower Alley Club. The Cauliflower Alley Club is pro wrestling's only 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, and thanks to generous people like you, the CAC are able to assist many people from the wrestling industry who have helped entertain us for so many years.

Every one of the CAC leadership team members donate their time to raise money to help former full-time wrestlers who are in need.  Over the past 22 years, the benevolent fund has helped many wrestlers, with most of the donations going towards either medical payments or death expenses.

For more information on the Cauliflower Alley Club or to become a member head to their website caulifloweralleyclub.org


Collar and Elbow was founded on the traditional values of professional wrestling. Two entities working together to create a product intended to connect with people on an emotional level. A symbiotic relationship where one cannot flourish without the other. We strive to create a product that embodies our passion for professional wrestling expressed through street fashion.

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Mark Martinez

"The MARK"

Mark is the Host of Can Crushers and the geek behind the scenes. His love for wrestling comes from his grandfather. His favorite wrestler is a combination of Dusty Rhodes, Macho Man, and Owen Hart. Present day he loves Bayley, Sasha Banks, Britt Baker, Ray Lyn, Thunder Rosa, Chelsea Green and of course his cuzzo, Mercedes Martinez. Mark also enjoys baseball and football. His favorite teams are the Detroit Tigers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. When Mark is not attending indie shows or sporting events, he is playing video games with his son Ethan or annoying his wife Kellie.



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